Best Manual Push Mower for Small Yards

Fiskars 17 – inch Stay Sharp Plus Reel Mower

Looking for a non- powered alternative to the gas push lawn mower? Do not want to be bothered with batteries, cords, chargers, and oil? You have a small yard, and just looking for a high-quality, sturdy build reel push mower. The Fiskars Reel Mower Plus offers these qualities you are looking for.

  • Smart engineering: No Gas, Oil, Batteries, Electrical cords needed. No Loud Engine Noise.
  • Patent-Pending Inertia Drive Reel System: Delivers 75% More Cutting Power
  • Innovative Unique Discharge Chute Design: Power to cut through twigs, weeds, and rough terrains

Fiskars 17-inch Stay Sharp Push Lawnmower

For users with a very small to small yards and does not need the power of gas or lithium powered lawn mower, this model will suit your needs well. No worries about gas, oil, battery charging, bundle some electric cords, or loud engine noise.

Stay Sharp Technology: Stay Sharp Technology offers the benefits of fifty percent more cutting power than traditional type push reel mowers. This gives the user more power to push through weeds, limbs, and difficult spots that would stop typical reel-type mowers dead in their tracks.

Friendly Design: Our Eco-Friendly Design offers a sharper cleaner cut without the issues of buying gas, oil, battery charging, electrical cords, or obtrusive loud engine noise.

Lifetime Warranty: The Fiskars Mower offers not a one-year or two-year warranty but a lifetime warranty, with no worries of repair costs after just one year of use.

Great States 304-14 14 inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawnmower

This is an economy priced reel type push mower ideally suited for small yards with flat terrains. Great mower for yards of a quarter of an acre or less.

  • 14 – inch cutting height: easy for user to maneuver
  • 10 – inch composite wheels: Composite wheels do not need inflation no fear of flat tires.
  • Corrosion Resistant Frame and Handles: Rust – Resistant


Your choices for push lawnmowers are varied and now offer more options than ever! If you are still a gas only powered mower, we have given you some excellent choices today from valve-priced models and established brands, noted for their quality and durability. Like the new Hybrid push lawn mowers that offer corded and cordless ability, Ryobi brand is the one for you. Just need a good reel mower, we provide several brands for you.